Low Fare Tips

Looking for “Low Fare Tips”? We’ve got you covered. Don’t let high travel costs limit your adventures. Join many travel enthusiasts worldwide in the search for high-quality experiences at lower prices. With our expert guide, you can secure the best deals and make significant savings on your next journey.


1. Plan Ahead for The Lowest Fare Possible (LFP)

A well-organized vacationer can take advantage of the fact that airlines often increase prices for last-minute bookings. Search for your trip on TravelHuge and complete your booking 21 days or more in advance; for next best try for 14 or more.



2. Be Flexible with Your Dates

The ability to travel on another day can result in dramatically lower fares. So next time you search on TravelHuge, select the flexible dates option. Flying on a Saturday or mid-week (Tuesday or Wednesday) can be cheaper than Monday or Thursday/Friday.



3. Perfect Timing is Key

The key to getting the lowest fare is to fly when others are not. Early morning and late night are typically cheaper for leisure routes, while mid-day is usually best for business routes. Select the “Anytime” option on TravelHuge and use our filtering tools to find a cheaper fare.



4. Avoid Peak Travel Times

Don’t travel when everyone else is. For instance, visit popular destinations like Disneyland or Las Vegas after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Flights will be cheaper and the lines shorter. Flying on Christmas day can also be a cost-effective option.



5. Choose the Right Airline

When low-cost carriers simplified their pricing structure to offer lower prices more often, it wasn’t long before everyone was doing it. However, not every airline’s price structure is the same. That’s why TravelHuge compares many airlines across hundreds of travel sites to get you the best price.



6. Consider Nearby Airports

Many low-cost carriers fly into alternative airports, saving in airport fees and passing the savings onto you. You might also benefit from less traffic, cheaper rental cars, and fewer people at the airport bars. Whenever you search with TravelHuge, we can automatically show you rates from nearby airports.



7. Use Incognito Mode When Booking

Airline and travel websites often use cookies to track what flights you’re looking at, possibly increasing prices if you return to the same search. Using your browser’s incognito mode can help prevent this.



8. Sign Up For Fare Alerts

Many travel and airline websites, offer fare alerts, notifying you when prices to certain destinations drop. Make the most of these alerts to secure great deals.



9. Use Points and Miles

Join frequent flyer programs and sign up for credit cards that earn you air miles. You can use these points to reduce the cost of your flights or even get them for free.



10. Bundle Your Travel

When you book your flights, accommodation, and car rental together, you often get a better deal than booking them separately.



Finding the Lowest Fare Possible (LFP) is a mix of strategies, a bit of planning, and sometimes, a touch of luck. However, by following these tips during your planning process, you can start making significant savings on your airfare. Stay tuned to our website for more money-saving travel tips and advice. Happy flying!